A Massively Distributed Computing Network

Optimized for Real-Time Applications

Introducing a hyper-connected, ultra-fast computing network optimized to deliver the next generation of interactive applications.

Jack and Ming are playing an online game.
They experience delays as they need to ping a data center thousands of kilometers away, even if they live in the same city.
Data Center
San Francisco
Jack and Ming are playing an online game.
Lorin lives between Jack and Ming, and her unused computer trims the distance their data needs to travel, giving them a faster and more stable connection.
Data Center
San Francisco
We expect our Internet to deliver increasingly immersive user experiences.
But the rise of real-time applications have exposed the limits of today’s telecom and data processing infrastructures.
Data Centers
Connected Devices
limited infrastructure = limited internet
We deliver real solutions

Q Network physically bypasses centralized datacenters by interconnecting people’s compute devices (phone, computers, smart appliances). We leverage processing power that is already available to build a faster network.

Our AI-based latency reduction technology brings application servers closer to you, cutting network delays and re-routing network traffic in realtime.
  • Lag
  • Jitter
  • Latency
  • Bandwith
  • Self-healing
  • Fault-tolerant
  • Cost-efficiency

Q Network supercharges all real-time applications.

  • Internet Doorbells
  • Baby Monitor
  • Competitive Online Gaming
  • Self-Driving Cars
  • Video Calls / Conferencing
  • AR / VR
30 000 000 000 possible connected devices worldwide by 2020
Traditional Network Number of optimization points: < 100
Q Network Number of optimization points: > 1 000 000
Traditional network
Q network
We are a community based ecosystem

The more participants, the larger the community, the better your network connectivity. To grow and compensate our participants, we offer Q tokens. All participants are owners of the Q Network ecosystem.

  • Rent your compute power and collect tokens
  • Join our community and optimize all your real-time applications
  • Build your own app using the Q Network technology

Swarmio is an existing decentralized competitive gaming platform where any user can host fully automated tournaments.

Swarmio uses Q Network in order to host a lag-free competitive gaming tournament at unlimited scale. It is the only platform in the world that has hosted professional online tournaments without any lag.

Q Network introduces a truly decentralized computing network optimized for the delivery of 21st century user experiences.
  • Ubique Networks Founded.
    Canada Government Funding for R&D.
  • VC Seed Funding for R&D.
  • Latency optimization technology developed.
    Global distributed compute network built.
    Swarmio Esports Platform Released.
  • Decentralized compute network development begins.
    Q Network project initiated.
  • Decentralized compute network phase-1 architecture finalized.
    Tokenization of Swarmio business model begins
  • Minimum viable Q Token ecosystem.
    First smart contract based eSports Tournament with Q Token.
    Q Token utility begins in the Swarmio eSports platform.
  • Q Network ecosystem built.
    Genesis DAPP Swarmio completed.
    Multiple DAPP project started with ecosystem partners
  • Q Network ecosystem fully decentralized.
    Multiple DAPPs built with ecosystem partners

Meet the team behind Q Network

Vijai Karthigesu Founder & CEO
Sorin Stoian Co-Founder & CTO
Andrew Ray Board Member & Advisor
Aseef Khan Head of Growth
Anthony Kouroupis Blockchain Architect
Vladimir Tchrkacheninov Lead Architect
Senthil Ratnasabapathy VP, People Operations
J.R. McArthur Infrastructure Architect
Joel Gallant DevOps Manager
John Smith EVP, Global Business Strategy
Shervin Shirmohammadi Director, Academic Research
Tom Sweeney Advisor
Emmanuel Benhamou Advisor

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